How App works

The app contains a questionnaire with total 310 (general 300 and 10 Bundesland specific) questions.

  1. To choose your Bundesland Click on the Bundeswappen showed on top.
  2. Each question has four answers and you always have only one correct answer among those.
  3. The correct answer will always be marked in Green.
  4. Incorrect questions will be marked under ‘incorrectly answered question’ allowing you to review and learn again the wrongly answered questions. Once you learn and answered the questions correctly, it will be disappeared automatically from marked ‘incorrectly answered question’ section.
  5. You can pin the questions (icon in the top right) you need to practice again & again.
  6. The top left ‘number’ in the App gives you the freedom to skip the usual question order and allows you to choose any specific question number you want.
  7. The App provides a voice support to read the questions and answers for you enabling you to learn and understand German language in a more effective manner.
  8. Once you master the questions, the App provides you many mock up test sessions covering every single section of subjects just like in an actual exam.
  9. The ‘timer’ indicates your speed progress at the time you are doing the test.
  10. At the end of each mock-up test your progress will be evaluated with a review over the incorrect answers.
  11. You can easily move to 'next' and 'previous' questions simply swiping the screen just like turning the pages of a real book.